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⚽ Posición: Medio (MID)

? Fecha análisis 27/09/2022

?Rareza: Rare

?Equipo: Tigres UANL

?Liga: México

?Edad: 32

? Propuesta de entrada: 0,170 (Rare)

? Propuesta de salida: 0,221 (Rare)

? Rentabilidad: +30% (Rare)

? Stoploss: 0,140 (Rare)

Información principal

➡️ Titularidad: Titular pero actualmente lesionado

➡️ Puntuación habitual: 58

➡️ Contrato: NA

➡️ Internacional: No

➡️ Información relevante:


We’re back. One more week we’re here bringing you a good dose of weekly scouting so you don’t have to do the work. This time we voted on telegram and it turns out that the community decided to analyze a player from the Mexican league so today we are going to talk about Javier Aquino. Sit back and make yourselves comfortable because today we have a gem to analyze.

We’re going to analyze a player from the Mexican league.

Aquino has a curious past, and that is that this player was signed by Villareal in 2013 from Cruz Azul. He did not make his debut at Villareal but was loaned to Rayo Vallecano the 14/15 season being bought by Tigres for the 15/16 season where he has played his entire career

It’s no joke when we say that he may be one of the most relevant players in the entire Mexican league; in 5 years of competition with Tigres, he has debuted in almost 280 games, adding a total of 26 goals and a whopping 47 assists. In addition to all this, he has played more than 30 CONCACAF matches. It is clear that the Mexican game has its drawbacks, but we are talking about a playmaker, whose center of operations is the center of the field and whose main purpose and virtue is to achieve a greater flow of play and achieve a great ability to assist and create opportunities. In addition, his injury record is very short which gives us a lot of security.

Speaking a little about Tigres, we could say that they are traditionally a powerful team; in their track record they have 6 MX League crowns plus 3 Mexican Cups and 3 Champion of Champions Cups. Interesting players that accompany him we find veterans like Gignac (he is very very good, a star there although somewhat older), Cordova, Diego Reyes (although beware that it is being commented that he may go to MLS) and Guzman among others.


Aquino made his debut with 999 minutes this season, suffering a minor injury that prevented him from playing the game against Club America. He returned against Toluca but after 45 minutes he withdrew due to the same discomfort, and has been injured since that game for 3 matchdays due to a fiber rupture. With almost 1000 minutes, he has only scored one assist, which could lead you to think that he scores poorly in Sorare… but nothing further from the truth, now we will show you his scores but in our opinion he is an excellent player and very OPTA friendly thanks to his accurate passes and won possessions. Other than this mishap, he has debuted all 90 minutes consistently other seasons so he is a lock to play him on fit GW’s.
We are sure he will be a very good player.

Remember that they are now going to play the playoff, which is a competition after the opening round to qualify for the title that is given to the top 12 in the table. Remember that the top 4 clubs go to the quarterfinals while the 5th to the 12th play that reclassification so to speak. Tigres is in 5th place and could occupy one of the top 4 places, so we will have to keep an eye on what happens this weekend.


The interesting part is that it looks like his recovery is closer than previously thought. Tigres needs him in a very important match that could catapult them into the quarterfinals straight from the opening playoff. We know that he has been training separately and that he is eager to play, but there is always the question of whether it will be too early to play some minutes.

They face Atlético de San Luís, a team in a compromised position that needs to win at all costs. Herein lies the risk, but being at minimums he strikes me as a player to be had.


These last few months we have focused a lot on Mexico; every year at Sorare we like to sit down and study a league, first with numbers and statistics and then following it. Last year with MLS and Japan we learned interesting players, powerful stacks and players with potential, but this year in Mexico I think it has been the league where we have found the most efficient players. We are talking about players with a point ratio in Sorare/ETH super affordable for all types of portfolios. It is true that teams like Atlas (two-time champions last year), have lowered their performance but the players with trajectory are maintained in their scores with knockdown prices. In our case we have to comment that we have played with Aquino, since we have bought 3 or 4 limiteds and a rare (the last rare sold to us), so we want you to keep him in mind if you want to get one. We don’t plan to sell it, but personally we have entered.

➡️ Risk: MEDIO

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