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⚽ Position: Defence (DF)

? Date of analysis 11/09/2022

?Rarity: Rare

?Team: Atlanta

?League: MLS

?Age: 25

? Proposed entry: 0,14 (Rare)

? Exit bid: 0,18 (Rare)

? Yield: +29% (Rare)

? Stoploss: 0.126 (Rare)

Key information.

➡️ Ownership: Currently held

➡️ Usual score: 55

➡️ Contract: No information

➡️ International: No

➡️ Relevant information:

We have to be honest, we only like Atlanta’s kit. The problems with Josef Martinez, the overwhelming presence of good but in our opinion wasted strikers such as Araujo, Cisneros and Almada who individually are very good but have not had their best season, made us shy away from buying them during the season and put them on the watchlist for next year. They are a clear example of a team whose performance has dropped somewhat.

However their defence, despite having a very low PaO statistic, has a player who performs quite well with OPTA, and this is Alan Franco.

This Argentinian player plays his role mainly as a central defender with a clear offensive activity. He is a dominant player in defence, with a quick ball delivery and touch that allows him to develop a brutal offensive activity when he plays behind key players such as Almada or Araujo (and Josef Martinez in this team is already history, although who knows what he will do next year). His heat map touches the midfield and defence equally, so he has a precise movement and good physical condition, which allows him to generate passes successfully and this translates into his OPTA, where we can see games where despite losing and without exercising any decisive, manages to get more and 30 points from all around thanks to the duels won and passes made.

With the acquired condition of captain (punctually), it creates a favourable environment coupled with its low value; as it touched 0.5 ETH in a bull market in June and has now corrected. More than consistent for thresholds, at a price of 0.11 ETH on rare we see him as a more than interesting player at an absurd price. We are not saying it will go back to 0.5 ETH, as in our opinion that was overpriced, but that it will touch 0.2+ a few weeks before March next year I would say almost certainly.

The transfer market for non-world cup MLS and Japanese players is chaotic. Anything can happen, but you can sense that a player of this stature will stay in MLS. We personally see him staying in Atlanta, where a good organization of the squad (surely giving Josef Martinez out and reinforcing some central position), can turn Atlanta into a team as good as other seasons.

With 2300 minutes played this season, 1 goal and 2 assists and only 5 points away from the play offs, maybe he still has a lot to say and can even help us to speculate in the next few rounds.

A more than interesting strategy is to combine an Asian/American team with a European one to try to opt for thresholds between the inter-league rest periods of the European competitions. We are facing a general price drop in a bearish environment characterised by an increase in the supply of Sorare cards and external variables such as the ETH merge that will take place in a few days and very important events such as Qatar.

In our opinion, Alan Franco has a more than interesting floor to enter him and the possible risk of him going to an uncovered league is in our opinion more than assumable as we would say that he will stay in the MLS.

If you are looking for a team for thresholds, we think he can be fundamental because of his incredible command of the defensive game and his friendliness with OPTA, great to combine him with another defender and look for thresholds consistently.

➡️ Risk: Medium – low

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