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Full analysis of HÉCTOR HERRERA


⚽ Position: MF

? Date of analysis 18/08/2022

?Rarity: Rare

?Team: Houston

?League: MLS

?Age: 32

? Proposed entry: 0,08 (Rare)

? Proposed exit: 0,1 (Rare)

? Profitability: +25% (Rare)

? Stoploss: 0,072 (Rare)

Key information

➡️ Starting eleven: Yes

➡️ Usual score: 37 (He should improve)

➡️ Contract: Until 2024

➡️ International: Yes, with Mexico

➡️ Relevant information:


When we analyse World Cup players we find an added difficulty; it is clear that if we analyse a Qatar group such as group C, the best players would include Lewandosky, Messi and Otamendi among others, but of course the idea is to try to buy players with a certain development and World Cup participation that can grow or be revalued, so we look for alternative players who are somewhat cheaper.

In this case, focusing on Mexico, we have been on the point of signing Guillermo Ochoa, the first choice goalkeeper for America in the MX league, but we have been put off by the enormous attacking capacity of group C. With Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Poland the clean sheets are not statistically favourable, but of course anything can happen.

That’s why we’re going to do the Héctor Herrera profile.


Héctor Herrera is a player that all of you who follow fantasy football will know. In his debut with Atlético de Madrid during two years he played in almost 30 games a total of 2650 minutes with a low profile of assists and goals. We could affirm that he saw his development diminished when playing in the Spanish league, as in Oporto he presented better numbers, being even captain and including in his palmarés a total of 164 games with almost 50 goals + assists and almost 13000 minutes.

It is necessary to say that in Atlético he had more competition and it is a team that had more rotations due to competing in Europe. With Oporto he also reached the Champions League, but he was in the round of 16 and his last year in the quarter-finals.

After last season, he migrated to MLS, where Houston gave him a warm welcome. Generally, the move to the American competition coming from Europe is a remarkable improvement in performance, although it is true that we are seeing more and more promising players in MLS, but the verticality of his game and the incredible number of goals per game show that it is still a somewhat immature game, although infinitely better than it was 2 or 3 years ago.

At Hosuton Dynamo, he is an undisputed starter and the captain and plays a key role in the midfield to improve the team’s overall performance.

It is true that Houston has a streak of 4 defeats in a row but they have never been a strong team and will not get into the play offs this year but Herrera can become an interesting player for thresholds and speculate for the World Cup, where he should be an undisputed starter. Another thing is how they approach the matches against Poland and Argentina.


The performance of Mexico for the qualification for the World Cup in Qatar (CONCACAF) was more than remarkable. He started with a muscle injury that prevented him from playing the first 3 games, but he came through against a strong Canada and began a run of draws and wins that put him in the top half of the standings.

Arguably the toughest opponents were Canada and USA, but they made it through directly as runners-up in the preliminary group stage.


We sincerely doubt very much that a pick like Herrera will allow us to compete for a place in a World Cup competition with so many superstars. We recently saw a whopping 500-odd points in the European competition in Sorare, making it clear that players from strong national teams should be at the forefront of Sorare’s competitions in the run-up to the World Cup. However, those of us who manage more discreet portfolios have to play with these potential picks, low budget, and also be lucky. In the end it is the magic of football, and perhaps we will find a Lewandosky in lows against an overgrown Mexico.

It’s the magic of football!

➡️ Risk: Medium

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