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⚽ Position: Defence (DF)

? Date of analysis 19/09/2022

?Rarity: Rare

?Team: Philladelphia Union

?League: MLS

?Age: 21 (sub 23 until 2025)

? Proposed entry: 0,07 (Rare)

? Exit bid: 0,1 (Rare)

? Yield: +42% (Rare)

? Stoploss: 0.05 (Rare)

Key information.

➡️ Ownership: Currently sub

➡️ Usual score: 43

➡️ Contract: No information

➡️ International: No

➡️ Relevant information:


One of the most interesting (and most problematic for many Sorare managers) things about MLS is the enormous variability in the development and performance of both players and teams between consecutive seasons. Being almost two years in Sorare, we have been able to see how the optimal trend and the good performance of players who last year were top in MLS (see Russell, Josef Martinez, Ruidiaz, Chicharito etc…) have passed to a second or almost third plane of existence; they no longer debut as many minutes, their teams have fallen positions in the table compared to their form presented at the same time last season…

In the same way new promises emerge, interesting players of low profile who have given a blow on the table and have made a place in the galleries with more % of victories achieved. We are talking about players like Brandon Vázquez (you already know me) and Luciano Acosta, Driussi, Ferreira, Elliot, Carranza, Campana…

It is evident, added to the increase of new managers, that it is not enough to buy Carlos Gil and Muhktar, but there are more optimal options very interesting.

This variability is fun because it allows us to compete with whales with less budget but at the same time it is dangerous for one simple reason, next season this lack of “trend” influenced by powerful signings, teams with new rotations, new coaches and new budgets can turn the tables and make the player purchased does not maintain performance or explode.

Our solution? Faced with a bear market situation or poor performance in which we have to holdear a player, we find more interesting one that we can holdear a long time, so the U23 for America we like a lot, for the amount of opportunities they offer players with potential and their interest in tradeo in the medium term. That’s why this week we have chosen Nathan Harriel for scouting.


Harriel was born in Philly. He made his debut in the academy until the 2020/2021 season when he managed to earn a spot in the first team.

Unsurprisingly, in the first team his first season he debuted only a total of 178 minutes (about 5 games), being mostly uncapped or as a substitute, managing to give one assist.

During that season, Philly was not the beast we know now, they were eighth with a 41% winrate in a season marked by the absolute dominance of New England, Seattle and Kansas. Their roster was not the same either, although they had the strong defensive cadre this season of Elliot, Glesnes and Blake. The forward line was slightly different.

In the 2021/2022 season his outlook changed somewhat; he began to debut more minutes (he has almost 1690 minutes), and to have a greater relevance in the team, even scoring a goal. The team this year has been one of the best in MLS, with almost a 60% winrate, with 68 goals this season, mainly scored by Gazdag, Carranza and Uhre, plus the incredible performance of its defensive component.

In this context, Mbaizo started to compete for the position of defensive winger and had a good development, so he and Harriel have been alternating the defensive backline.


In our opinion, for the price at which he is, we consider more than interesting that he can see his value increase. Not only that he is signed, but that he moves to a team where he has more minutes, or stays in a victorious Philly that may see its defensive proportion diminished and need to count on the young attitude of a youth player.

A lot of uncertainty but on the basis of a player with some MLS experience, without the level obviously to go to Europe but with a lot of future ahead.


Sincerely for his current value we believe that he can be interesting to loiter pre season. We can not predict what will happen next season or his development, but the U23s who start well touch the sky (look at Armaya for example). Analyze carefully and with your own information, as always, and below we will leave you the stats and the player’s heat map.

We want to thank you for all the support on telegram, every day we are more managers and we are creating a super interesting community that helps each other!

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