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Statistics mark trends that can be favorably exploited to achieve better scores. Estimates are not exact sciences, and have to be interpreted with care, always subject to the “eye of the manager” that ultimately determines how a match really looks like. We propose several interesting statistics that we often use and that can be useful to us (since in many situations information is missing because not enough matches have been played):

The variables that we estimate with some frequency in SorareDatos take into account the Statistics obtained only from regular competition.

PaO: with this value we refer to the teams with a higher number of matches without conceding goals. Statistics calculated based on domestic competition only (avoiding European matches and other competitions). A high value in PaO will favor clean sheets, and therefore interesting for staking defensive players.

AEM: list of teams with the highest number of matches where both teams have scored. More movements, more assists if two teams with this high value meet.

PSM: matches where this team has failed to score. Interesting to estimate low goal probabilities.

PPP: Average points per game during the competition, higher values indicate strong teams, usually in high positions in the tables.

xG: The number of goals that this team has scored on average per game.

xGA: The number of goals that this team has conceded on average per match.

Home Advantage: increase in the overall performance of each team when playing at home. We will use this variable for MLS, as it is just starting up and can be very interesting. It also takes into account the SCORE (Probability of scoring more goals when teams play at home. Calculated based on goals scored) and DEFENSE (Probability of conceding fewer goals when teams play at home. Calculation based on goals conceded) , as well as PPP (home/visitor).


The season starts in August and ends in May, with a break between December and January.

The 18 participating clubs must complete 38 dates. The bottom three in the table are relegated and are replaced by the three best teams in the second division.

The champion team qualifies for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, and the runner-up also participates in that tournament, with the condition of starting from the third preliminary round. Third and fourth place qualify for the UEFA Europa League.

In addition, the champion of the First Division will wear a symbol in the middle of the chest in the following season.

Last season’s promotions and relegations are shown below, as well as the participating teams with their respective captains (courtesy of wikipedia):

Los ascensos y descensos de la temporada pasada se muestran a continuación, así como los equipos participantes con sus respectivos capitanes (cortesía de wikipedia):

The regular rounds run continuously coinciding mainly with the Sorare weekend GWs. The main break occurs after the 14th matchday (taking place on November 13), until December 25, continuing until the end of May and ending on the 38th matchday.


Clean Sheet and optimal %

At the time of writing, the Turkish league is only 4 matchdays old. For this reason, it is essential to take a look at last season and analyze the statistics of the teams. we will mainly focus on 3 aspects: clean sheet, scorers plus assists and signings or absences.

Starting with the clean sheet, the Turkish league may be one of the top European competitions in which most goals are scored. It does not reach the level of MLS where it rains goals but it is common to see an accumulation of individual goals in matches of certain matchdays. The best clean sheet % last year were the goals of Kanyospor (Sehic) and Trabzonspor (Cakir) which accumulated a total of about 31% of clean sheet in 36 games out of 38 total.

This statistic has to be interpreted with care as a good % of clean sheet was the goalkeeper of Fenerbahce (Bayindir), but he only played 24 games out of 38 as he had a shoulder injury in the middle of the season and had to play Ozer.

The percentages somewhat lower but partially optimal for his league are followed by Besiktas, Galatasaray and Konyaspor. To understand these relatively low percentages we have to analyze the previous season’s scoring capacity.

Home winning percentages, average goals per game and various statistics.

Home win percentages, average goals per game and various statistics.

If there is one thing in the Turkish league, it’s goals. And we are not talking about an even distribution of goals, no, we are talking about a lot of goals in the same match. Last season’s goals for (GF) are quite high, reaching values of up to 73 goals in total. The goals average amounts to 2.81 goals/game, with a distribution partially shifted to the home team and during the second half.

As is the case in MLS, the home advantage takes on greater importance, especially in the offensive component, where last week the home attackers scored 31% more times than usual when playing at home, and conceded 21% fewer goals than usual at home. In fact, the away win only occurred 29% of the time, with the draw being 24% and the home win 47%.

In the table below we can also see the PaO, AEM and PSM percentages (see meaning of the acronyms above).

Scoring duos and assists
This section is dangerous for several reasons. First of all, many of the scorers of last season’s Turkish league had a great season but are no longer in their original teams (see Kasimpasa). Second, the incorporation of players in the transfer market (and the change of the regulation related to the maximum number of European players in Turkish teams), opens a new line of statistics in which the lack of data can play in our favor (new powerful signings that stand out without previous statistics), or against (teams traditionally statistically favorable worsen their development). This is the beauty of soccer, and that is why when we analyze a league we like to do it in two steps, first at the beginning of the season we analyze the previous statistics and interesting players, and then in the middle of the season we study the statistics and their correlation with what is normally expected.

In short, beware that statistics fail, and even more so if they are short-lived. But as information is power, here are the top scorers and assistants of last season.

So, the first positions of top scorers are headed by Bozok, star striker of Kasimpasa who scored a whopping 20 goals and 7 assists last season. He, along with Kaabi were Kasimpasa’s scoring duo, although they are currently in other teams so we cannot contemplate a Kasimpasa offensive stack being taken into account.

Similarly Balotelli at Demirspor scored 18 goals and 4 assists despite suffering several mishaps including Covid, training deficit and several red cards. This year, the addition of the great Dzyuba looks like it could be interesting, although his start has been bad, with pneumonia and few minutes and a lack of adaptation of the former nopor player in Russian soccer.

Still on the list of strikers, Pohjanpalo is also not present in the Turkish league as he signed for Venezia (Serie B). With a discreet start to the season, we are talking about a striker with 16 goals and 1 assist last season.

Finally we come to strikers who are still playing in Turkey, and this is the case of Cornelius and Wright. The first (Trabzonspor), had 15 goals and 5 assists and the second (Antalayaspor) has 14 goals and 2 assists and is still on a roll this season.

We can summarize that extrapolating the trend of last season is certainly difficult, because many players with a good past development are no longer in the Turkish league. However, this fact opens a range of possibilities in the search for players with potential growth to compete in the So5 leagues.

Below we will show our favorites:


We know that almost all managers highlight the scores of Fenerbache and Galatasary, but if there is a team that we think can be more than interesting is Konyaspor, especially for staking defense.

Konyaspor was one of the top 3 teams in the Turkish league last season, being one of the top 4 teams with 13 clean sheets in 38 games.

Those of you who already know us can deduce why we like this team, and that is because they effectively signed and added to their ranks one of our favorite players, Francisco Calvo. Konyaspor’s defense has been 0 for 4 games thanks to the incredible work of Calvo, Demirbag, Guilherme and Ozug plus Sehic.

The offensive capacity is perhaps more average, although Demir has considerable assisting potential. Konyaspor’s defensive capacity is interesting, perhaps their stack could give us some joy but we have to see how it develops and of course there are somewhat stronger teams.

Perhaps it could be interesting to stackear attack Trabzonspor. I know it may be a similar recommendation to say that Mbappe is a good striker to compete but let’s dig a little deeper into their squad.

First of all, statistically, this team was the Turkish league champion, being the 2nd lowest scoring team and the 2nd team with the most goals scored. The most “premium” players are mainly Bakasetas, Cornelius, Tokoz and Omur although it is true that there are more low cost players with some risk but potentially interesting, as is the case of Semedo, who had several injuries last year and this year is having less minutes and rotating more, especially due to the Champions League. Bardhi is another player who rotates a lot but can accumulate some decisive ones; during the start of the season against Hatayspor he was not allowed to play and could not play, the next game he scored two assists in 47 minutes of play and played 90 minutes in the second leg against Copenhagen. Getting his starter right can be a nightmare but buying everything around Cornelius and Omur can be a good move punctually….

Maybe it’s a crime, but we’re not going to talk about Fenerbahce, mainly because we want to try to offer some player a bit more friendly for all kind of wallets. But at a quick glance, and in the absence of Aziz due to injury, players like Dursun (19 goals + assists) and Valencia (currently with 7 goals + assists but last year between injuries and others it was a real hell trying to get him right) may be interesting, although we do not think so mainly because of the incredible rotation they have for European competition, which will greatly hinder them to play the full 90 minutes and make us a decisive, although they have started plugged enchufadisimos. With this we mean that you will have to look for constant information about their starting line-up… For this reason we have left out the midfielders, because if we want to use them in European competitions we would have to buy several members of the squad to try to try to get it right and cover these rotations…

The penultimate team we want to comment on is Istanbul; 4 in the league last year, one of the lowest scorers but with a more discreet average of goals scored for their league (56). Epureanu is a clear example of how statistics often play tricks; last year he had his ups and downs, alternating substitutions with captaincy, but this year he has become a substitute in European competitions and a starter in league matches. His price is optimal, but difficult to foresee, so keep an eye on him.

Perhaps Leo Duarte and Caiçara are more interesting in defense, which we could combine with Ozkan and Okaka, but be very careful with the strikers of this team, as they rotate a lot when they play simultaneously champions and league…

And finishing with a bit of miscellany, we would like to highlight players that we think could be interesting from the rest of the Turkish league table. One that could be interesting is Valentin Eysseric. As we discussed on the telegram channel, Eysseric was more or less regular last season at a Kasimpasa that had two of the top scorers who are currently not in the team. With 5 goals and 10 assists, we could say that his development was a consequence of being close to these two titans…or not. So in our risky bet we want to think that he can maintain a similar level and go up in price, we’ll see. Another one we find interesting is Mortadha, who was absent due to injuries, substitutions and so on last year but this year should be more relevant. A lot of risk too, watch out here.

Another interesting one is Hatayspor’s El Kaabi who scored 18 goals last season and maintains his starting place this season. As I write this these two players are facing each other by the way.

As you will have seen, the early part of a league season is more uncertain than trendy, so we are leaving this blog somewhat incomplete as we await the development of a greater number of matchdays. Obviously, getting into buying more players now is a greater risk but potentially greater reward, but we prefer to let the teams settle in, observe how they rotate through European competitions and analyze the players to provide a higher quality newsletter and analysis later. This is something of an initial look.

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